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Full Project Management

The project involved coordinating construction activities, administering construction tasks, and conducting thorough construction reviews.

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Tenant Fit Outs

Our design engineering focused work encompassed renovations, tenant improvements, and new construction projects.

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Capital Replacements

When dealing with Replacements & Retrofits, our focus areas included capital systems, equipment replacements, and retrofits.

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Condition Assessments & Capital Planning

We specialize in conducting reserve funds performance audits, technical audits, and energy audits.

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Our investigations covered capital equipment, capital systems, and noise investigations.

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Featured Projects.

Discover our featured projects, where innovation and excellence come together to inspire and drive our industry forward.

545 Sherborne St

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80 Blue Jays Way

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393 Millen Rd

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39 Queens Quay E

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151 Queen St N

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30 Shore Breeze Dr

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Mechanical Engineering

Our primary objectives revolve around enhancing the longevity of equipment and simultaneously reducing operational expenses. Through the diligent implementation of these strategies, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that not only optimize equipment service life but also significantly mitigate potential risks. By taking these measures, we contribute to our clients' efforts in safeguarding their operations, personnel, and assets from safety hazards and the legal and financial liabilities that can arise from malfunctioning mechanical equipment and inadequate emergency plans.


Electrical Engineering

Our objectives are centered on mitigating power outages and minimizing disruptions to businesses by employing a combination of electrical and preventive maintenance procedures. Simultaneously, we aim to enhance power quality and reduce its adverse effects on electrical equipment. Through these initiatives, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that ensure the reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity, thereby safeguarding businesses and their operations.


Building Science

Our primary objectives are centered around delivering comprehensive support to our clients at every stage of the building lifecycle. We are committed to offering a range of services that extend from the initial building assessment phase to guiding them through the design and construction management processes. By doing so, we aim to ensure that our clients' building projects are successful, efficient, and aligned with their specific needs and goals.


Fire Protection

Our core fire protection goals revolve around delivering high-quality fire protection services that encompass the prevention, detection, and response to fires. With a team of experienced experts, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that not only safeguard lives and property but also ensure compliance with relevant fire safety codes and standards. Our services include the design and implementation of robust fire protection systems, as well as consultancy and project management services, all aimed at enhancing fire safety and preparedness.


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